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Metrotec / P.G.B Isolation inc.

Metrotec / P.G.B Isolation inc. was created by the merger of two industry leaders.

Founded in 1974, Metrotec specialized in sprayed, blown and injected insulation, sprayed air/vapour barriers and fireproofing. As pioneer of our industry the field of insulation, it is one of the few originals still operating today!

P.G.B Isolation inc., founded in 1990, offered rigid and semi-rigid insulation, firestops, smoke barriers, welded air/vapour barriers and self-sealing sheets and rolls.

The combination of their strengths is what allowed them to offer comprehensive services to match customer requirements. In 1997, Metrotec / P.G.B Isolation inc. became the only company in Quebec to receive ISO-9002 certification. Quality and service remain our top priority.

Our team

Our energetic, but notably specialized, experienced and productive team will find the solution and meet your expectations for all insulation requirements (rigid, semi-rigid, sprayed, injected or blown, fireproofing, firestops, smoke barriers, rigid or sprayed air and vapour-barriers) and building envelope work. We perform in the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential sectors. We shine in the insulation industry due to our employees' expertise and provide excellent service to all our customers, regardless of the project size.


« Our team has always headed the company's development.
Our team is the greatest pride of my career. »

- Pierre St-Jacques, president of Metrotec / P.G.B. Isolation Inc..
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